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when does the bank foreclose on a reverse mortgage

Reverse mortgages, which allow homeowners 62 and older to borrow money. Some lenders are moving to foreclose just weeks after the borrower dies, many families say.. As the market foundered, large banks left, replaced by a fleet of. to do with the property, and up to six months to arrange financing.

The object of a reverse mortgage arrangement is for the bank to sell the property for a profit when the mortgage becomes due. Banks do not sit on vacant properties for long.

Many reverse mortgage borrowers die with reverse mortgage balances that are higher than the value of the home. When heirs inherit an underwater house, they may decide that the easiest option is to provide the lender with a deed instead of having to go through the time and cost of foreclosure.

examined reverse mortgage lending and foreclosure patterns in.. The homeowner's daughter says her bank records do not show either a.

which indicates that financial freedom/cit group’s share of reverse mortgage foreclosures since April 2009 is more than twice as much as the company’s market share. OneWest Bank acquired Financial.

A reverse mortgage lets you tap into the equity of your home, but includes ongoing responsibilities to maintain the property and pay expenses like taxes and insurance. If you’re age 62 or older, you can receive money from your mortgage company by borrowing against the value of your home through a reverse mortgage.

It does not always have an associated eviction. The most usual cause for default is death of the last surviving borrower so there is usually no eviction involved." Thus, foreclosures on a reverse mortgage mean something entirely different than foreclosures on a forward mortgage.

If you are an heir of a parent with a reverse mortgage going through foreclosure, you are never, in any way whatsoever, obligated on the loan. Read more about the protections made possible by non-recourse reverse mortgages.

Taking on a reverse mortgage does not transfer title or ownership to the bank.. get a reverse mortgage, the lender can only foreclose on your home if you do.

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HUD found many older reverse-mortgage owners are falling behind on property. payments and cures the default, even after a foreclosure suit has been filed.. to do more to protect seniors with reverse mortgages from losing their homes.. You are basically allowing the banks to charge you to access the.